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Health Screening


I am a Founding Member and Fully Accredited Fit2Go Practitioner, offering:


  • Full Bodyscreen Assessments

  • Fit2Go - World's First Health, Lifestyle and Body Check-Up


How likely are YOU to get injured? 

As you can imagine the answer to this question depends on many different factors and circumstances.

The Fit2Go Body Screen has been developed based on clinical evidence, by experienced and passionate physiotherapists working in musculoskeletal practice. The screening tool looks at multiple variables related to HEALTH, LIFESTYLE and BODY and integrates all these factors through complex algorithms. This produces a tailored risk assessment based on a traffic light system and highlights areas that are prone to injury. 

Tailored advice is generated explaining the reasoning behind each score, along with an exercise programme to prevent future injury. It also advises you on appropriate local services that would benefit you such as personal training, exercise classes, physiotherapy or nutritional advice.

Similar screenings on the market cost in excess of £700!  I believe that education on how to improve your wellbeing should be accessible and easily available to anyone who needs it.

Unlike other screenings, this tool provides bespoke advice with instantaneous results. It allows you to compare your results anonymously with others in your demographic and current level of activity, creating a competitive environment to encourage you to aim for the peak of your physical fitness. The FREE online health and lifestyle Check Up, and the body screening itself, become more advanced as you move from beginner through to ‘icon levels’ and you can track your progress over months to years.

What are you waiting for?

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