BodyVibe Massage Guns are engineered to perfection to give you the best massaging experience, while helping you recover faster, aimed at individuals, athletes and sports professionals.

BodyVibe Massage Guns are exclusive to The Body Clinic and safe to use at home or in your own clinic

BodyVibe MINI (Matt Black)

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Cramps, Knots & Tension Travel with You...

Your Massage Gun Should Too...

Picture this… you’ve just finished a grueling workout session. Your blood is pumping. Your muscles are exhausted, stiff and sore. As you finally catch your breath, you think to yourself… “I’d do ANYTHING for a massage right about now...”

Well, now you can, with the incredibly punchy yet compact BODYVIBE MINI...

BodyVibe MINI is the most compact massage gun ever created. Stylish and smaller than an iPhone, Spectrum is feather-light, whisper-quiet and fits in your pocket.

BodyVibe MINI combines power and size to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, increase blood and lymphatic flow, and accelerate recovery. With the MINI deep tissue massage is always within reach.

Compatible with USB-C fast charging, say goodbye to AC adaptors too!


Weight 400g

Stroke 6mm

Max Speed 3000rpm

Lithium ion battery 2-4h

Charge time 1-2h

4 heads

Carry Case

*All products come with a 12m warranty

**Returns accepted due to faulty items

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